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New features in Blackboard Learn

Anonymous and Delegated Grading | Assessments Significant Figures | Course Message Notifications | Grade Center Improvement | Groups Management Building Block | Improved SafeAssign | Inline Assignment Grading Updates | Student Preview

Content Resources

Setting up your courses | Building and adding different content | Working with files | Blackboard Mobile Learn

Communication Resources

Creating and managing Discussion Boards | Announcements | Email | Messages | Journals | Blogs | Wikis | Chat

Assessment Resources

Creating tests and managing test Tests and test settings | Test Access Log | Creating various types of questions | Question Pools | Surveys | Assignments | SafeAssign

Management Resources

Date Management | Working with group | Adaptive relase of content and assessments | Achievements | Exporting your course | Copying content from one course to another | User activity reports | Course management utilities | Early warning alerts | Notifications | Procedures

Grade Center and Grading Inline

Managing your Grade Center | Grading Inline Assignment, Blogs, Discussions and Journals

Migrating Content

Migrating your CE 8 courses to Learn | Export/Import and Archiving your Learn course | Copying Your Course

Content Partners

Blackboard Learn integration with McGraw-Hill | NBC Learn | Pearson's MyLab Mastering | Cengage Learning Mindlinks | WileyPLUS