FAQs for Instructors

Getting started with Blackboard Learn?

Here some quick steps to help you get started with Blackboard

  1. Configure your computer: Before logging in to Blackboard for the first time, you should perform a browser check to make sure your computer is properly configured.
  2. Connect to Blackboard at utsa.blackboard.com

  3. Enter your myUTSA ID and Passphrase
    • Your ID (or user login name) is your myUTSA ID ("abc123" format)

    • Your passphrase is your myUTSA ID Passphrase. To reset your passphrase. go to the UTSA Passphrase Portal at https://passphrase.utsa.edu

  4. Accept the Java Security Certificate
    • After logging into Blackboard, you will be prompted to accept a Java Security Certificate. This is a standard security process on your computer. You must click "Yes" or "Always" to ensure that Blackboard tools using Java (such as file manager, chat, mail, etc.) will work properly in your browser

    • You will now see a dialogue box saying The application's digital signature has been verified. Do you want to run the application? Check the box "Always trust content from this publisher" and then click "Run"

  5. Access your courses
    • Once you are logged into Blackboard, you should see your courses listed in the "Course List" box. To access a speciifc course, click on the course title link.

    • To go to another course, click on the My Blackboard tab in the upper left part of the screen to return to the view that shows all your courses. To access another Blackboard course, click on the course title link.

    • Your students will not have access to their course until the start of the semester.

  6. Other Things to Know
    • Third party cookies are allowed by default on all supported browsers.If you experience problems staying logged into Blackboard, please check your browser settings to make sure you allow third party cookies.
    • Some content within courses may require the installation of third party plug-ins such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and others. In each case, there should be a notification and link informing you that you need to install a new plug-in when you run the browser check. Be careful that you only install trusted plug-ins that are necessary for the course content.

    • It is extremely important that you Log Out and close the browser completely when you finish each session with Blackboard. This is the only way to protect your sensitive data. Make sure you Log Out when you are finished with your session, especially if you are in a public place suchs as a kiosk, library, or any other location where a computer is shared with other people.


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If you send email to selected multiple students at a same time through Learn, would the students see the name (or email address) of the other students who received the same e-mail?
Is there a way to know whether I have new Blackboard (or LEARN) Course Messages without logging in to Blackboard?
After I log in, is there a way to know whether I have new messages for the three courses I am teaching without having to check the 3 courses' respective mailboxes?
The new Blackboard doesn't mark messages that I had responded to so sometimes I have to go to the SENT folder to see if I had replied the student's message. Can I set it up so that the Blackboard will mark the messages I had responded to?
How do I request a course that isn't an academic course - say for a club or tutoring?
With the new Blackboard, are emails sent to student's @my.utsa.edu accounts or the email that students provide as their official contact on ASAP?
How do I turn off pop-up blockers?
Can I log in to Learn from home?
I will will be leaving the university soon - how long do I have access to Learn after the semester?
How can I add a custom background to a course page?
How do I add a banner to my course?
Can I use custom icons?
How do I remove a student from my course?
Why don't my web pages display properly for students - when they click on a link they receive the error that the page is unavalable or they do not have permssion to view them? I see them fine.
I have tried to show a link on my course menu, but it will not "show" - how can I fix this?
Can someone help me create SCORM Modules for use in my course?
I accidently added students to one of my Learn courses who shouldn't be in it. How do I remove or unenroll them from the course?
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How can I enroll in the Online Orientation course? It is requesting a passcode.
Some student tell me that they are not receiving the email sent from Learn. Why is that?
I have been using the Course Messages feature in Learn. If there are new messages, do students get any kind of alert when they log in?
When sending messages through Course Messages, I can only attach one document per message. Is that correct or am I missing something?
Are the shells for each course automatically set up?
Is it possible for me to merge 2 of my courses into one in LEARN?
Can I edit my document (Word, Adobe PDF) within Learn?
Can I create and edit HTML in Learn?
I will be using Pearson's Test Gen to prepare exams - what version should I save the tests as? What is compatible with the Learn system?
How do I order my columns in the gradebook?
How do I add a column in the gradebook?
When I add a file to my course, where is it actually going?
What is the difference between adding a file and adding an item to a content area?
How can I share my content with another instructor?
Can you delete columns from the gradebook? I am changing things and while I can hide the columns I won't be using, I'd rather just delete them if possible.
Can you change the order or delete courses from the home page?
How many attachments can I add to Learn course messages? email?
Can I add Flash files to my course?
I need help developing a multi-media project - who do I contact?
Can I teach a lesson to my class while I'm at a conference? I can either prepare it ahead of time, or ask them to go online during the regular class time.
Why do I get a duplicate column when I tried to upload a .csv file to the Bb Learn Grade Center?
Why is my Grade Book column "Percent to Date" not calculating correctly?